The panty you buy is not only a menstrual panty, it is also an ecosystem that we share with you today. Every euro you spend at La Culotte Parisienne allows us to meet our demanding specifications. We manufacture in our workshop located in Paris, in the heart of Montmartre. Using state-of-the-art equipment, our qualified seamstresses make all our collections.

At La culotte parisienne, being made in France is the key to quality controlled manufacturing. By mobilizing the talent of our seamstresses and French manufacturers, we ensure the durability of a know-how that is both traditional and technological.
The short circuit is our priority. From raw materials to packaging, ecological responsibility always takes precedence. We make it a point of honor to promote a local economy.

The selection of our raw materials is also done in compliance with our ethical charter. We source from South Africa, where the organic cotton is GOTS certified. The dyeing and weaving of the cotton is done in Portugal. All the steps of supply guarantee us GOTS certified raw materials for organic cotton and OEKO TEX for cotton, elastic and hemp.

Our panties are made in our Parisian workshop, from cutting to assembly. This allows us to better control our production chain and to guarantee our users the best period panties at the best price by eliminating intermediaries, which allows us to better pay our seamstresses. Our products are then carefully packaged and shipped from our logistics platform located upstairs.

Every euro spent by you guarantees the development of our know-how and a good working environment for our employees. Professional ethics is a core value for us. La culotte parisienne thus guarantees adapted and convivial spaces for the well-being of our employees. We invest in the maintenance and improvement of our equipment to improve the quality of our products and the working conditions of our team. Our workshop is open to the public on request to discover the world of the brand.

Our workshop regularly receives users who are attentive to our customers and their requirements. Thus we work in co-design and as close as possible to you to offer products adapted to your needs and desires.
The workshop is also a privileged place for the creation of our models. In our design office, we work on the development of new models. Our teams are enriched by training that allows them to be ever more passionate, versatile and enrich their knowledge.